Gennaro Scarpetta graduated from Naples Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied alongside Paolo D’orazio. His first exhibitions take place in Salerno, Naples and Rome. Afterwards, his art had him travelled in France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. He already exhibited in Paris, Łódź, Warsow, Berlin, Bern and Brussels, where he lives.

Nowadays, he manages Le hic, a space for artistic production and diffusion which he founded and which hosts his workshop.

His artistic sensitivity expresses itself through an intimate and poetic figurative expressionism. He plays with colours, light and contrasts. He flouts perspectives and mingles finely the techniques – tempera, oil, acrylic paint and gouache on paper. The background is always a dense, strong and stirring monochrome on which the three traditional painting subjects appear – portrait, landscape and still life –, which he reinterprets with a personal and offbeat touch. He depicts theatre characters, marionettes, rocking horses, playthings, chime clocks, houses, and everyday life objects.

Gennaro Scarpetta tells stories always frozen in a never elapsing parenthesis of time.


Gennaro Scarpetta